The Scary Alley ( A.K.A sabat laaroussa)

Photo : Mohamed Amine Agrebi

Date : it’s like 60 years ago

Adress : first you need to go to “beb bnet” (it’s easy to find) then look for a small alley with stairs down to a tunnel near dar el jdoud (coffee-shop)

Zone : it’s surrounded by the coffee-shop , the police station , the ministry of education and the pacha street

Story : there is a gloomy legend about this dark alley in the dark side of the madina , when i was young my fatheer told me that there is a young girl , she escaped from her wedding party , and then she passed by this scary alley … her family was running after her hoping they can catch her and take it bak to her wedding  but suddenly they didn’t find her , they only find a pair of her shoes , the evil djin kidnapped her ….

” I choose this place because I was living near to it and I spend all of my time playing there when I was a kid “