Malek Bouallegue


I really love the Medina and I get peaceful when I walk in its alleys. However, I have to admit that I don’t know it very well. During my childhood, my parents used to show me some specific places. As I grew up, I stopped little by little going there. But now, all of this has changed. I want to visit the Medina and know each of its smallest nooks. I want to wander in this neighborhood and these alleys. I want to observe its houses and enjoy the view from its roofs. I want to know its people and its shops. I want to listen to the narratives of its elders and the tales of every corner. I want to learn the stories of its mythical doors and its walls which saw the history of this country, from its love stories to its wars, from its enjoyments to its troubles. I want to stroll and get lost there.