Bettina Pelz

Photo: Constanze Flamme, 2017.


I am a German curator and I am working in the Medina since 2015 when the idea for the International Light Art Project INTERFERENCE was born. Aymen Gharbi from the DOOLESHA Collective was my local partner exploring the Medina and he became my partner as artistic director of INTERFERENCE. For to the many site- / context- / language- specific works of the international art project, we walked the Medina allies for countless times and we talked to many people until I started to understand the historical dimension and the contemporary properties, the architectural masterworks and their present state, the social, the ecological and the economic situation. I am part of DOO-RA-FEL-HOUMA because I want to diversify and deepen my knowledge and my network in the Medina. [Bettina Pelz _ Curator _ working in the Medina since 2014]